Q4A: Starter Set

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Experience the “magic” of the Elements in this exciting Educational Game of spells and potions.

Each card represents a “Magical Element” taken from the Periodic Table of the Elements.

  • Players Learn Chemical Symbols and how to Read Chemical Formulae
    • Why is Iron’s symbol “Fe”? Why is Lead’s “Pb”? You’ll see why!
  • Scores are based on Electron Configuration of the Elements (Valence Electron Count)
  • Each Spell’s Score Uses a little Brain Power: Roman Numeral Conversion and Math

Homeschool families especially enjoy Quest for Arete because there are so many hidden lessons to discover! It is appropriate for many different ages. Players who can read and understand at the 6th Grade Level (we’ve seen as young as 8) are excited by their introduction to the Elements!

    Begin by playing Arete Rummy. In just TWO games, you'll be amazed how well you can make spells - you'll be ready to Duel in no time!